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Workshop on the needs of persons with disabilities throughout disaster management cycle

12-13 January 2015, Latvian National Library, conference room „Riga”, Riga, Latvia

Participants: Experts from EU Member States, other countries, European Commission, Council General Secretariat, European Parliament, United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR), Council of Europe, and European Disability Forum will be invited to participate in the workshop.

Experts will discuss needs of persons with disability throughout disaster management cycle, best practices in civil protection regarding persons with disabilities and innovative solutions and technologies in civil protection for persons with disabilities. 

Organizer: State Fire and Rescue Service

Contacts: Ivars Nakurts, ph.67075922, e-mail:

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The 95th anniversary of Estonian professional fire service celebration in Tallinn, Estonia, 9th -11th September

The 95th anniversary of Estonian professional fire service was celebrated in Tallinn from 9th -11th  September.

The Latvian, Lithuanian, Finnish and Swedish Fire and Rescue Service representatives were invited.
The program of events included:

- a conference discussion on the  Estonian Rescue Board development strategy 2015-2020 ;
- the Baltic States, Sweden and Finland Fire and Rescue Service round table conference on  common areas of cooperation in the future.  The most important common areas are:

- each country's assessment of recent experience in emergency situations;  

- extending cooperation in the process of training and research;

- more  effective national rescue service promotion in Europe, especially in the context of new European Union Civil Protection Mechanism;

-  award ceremony of the Estonian Rescue Board staff and events of 95th anniversary celebration solemn conclusion

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